Pandemic is Our Favorite Board Game of 2020

Pandemic the cooperative (Board) game published in 2008 in the USA. Matt Leacock, the designer of this board game. The game is based on four deadly diseases that are broken out of the world & threats like to wipe out every region. Something like the fate of humanity is in the player’s hands. But why pandemic is our favorite board game? Why people love it? We will discuss the details of the article. In this game, you need to work in a team as a disease fighter specialist. So the mission of this game is to cure the world’s affected peoples of this pandemic situation. Collecting resources to cure the infected is the player’s major duty to control this pandemic. You can take four actions to travel the cities for being successful in this mission.

pandemic game play

Why Pandemic is Our Favorite Board Game

This game has a serious lesson that will teach you the activities during a pandemic. The game features & the infected or the infection are the major part of this game, but they are fun. Nobody had expected that the plagues would spread so first. But within hours, the stormwind & iron forge strewn with a lot of corpses of humans. Moreover, Pandemic has a cinematic feel & you will play like a hero to find a solution. This game uses players like doctors, scientists, archivists, medic, contingency planners, and quarantine specialists to focus on global health. In such a cooperative play, all the players need to participate in their role. Worried about the Corrupted Blood of the Elit group are shown here as a fun part. The designers also forget to secure the player’s pets where the already coded the players stay away from the diseases. So that was also a fun part of this pandemic.

pandemic game play

Great Holiday Gift of Pandemic

Z-Man Games published the pandemic game. 1 to 4 players can participate in this game, with expansion is 5. Each flavor of the pandemic game is worthy of checking out. In this holiday season, the pandemic has a gift offer for the players. If you want to give your friends a game as a gift, there are many options. The pandemic Legacy Red is much perfect for playing. Each session has a part of the overarching story.

Pandemic has many more gift options like the pandemic Legacy Blue. The same game as Red, but the color is only converted into the blue. So the blue lover will love to play with this color. You can also enjoy the original pandemic game with a global infestation. Then the option of sealing every portal before the outbreak of the previous pandemic.

Top 2020 Board Game

In this quarantine time, playing any board games for 15 minutes can refresh your day. Especially when you’re working, you can take a break & play the board games tor a long time mind refreshment.  Your taste can be different from the others, so you can watch a video or read these board games’ rules before you start.

By watching demo videos on youtube of folks playing board games, you can choose the best fit for you. Here we would like to give you a list of the best board games in 2020.

  • Pandemic
  • Dominion
  • Azul
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Carcassonne
  • The Mind
  • 7 Wonders
  • Wingspan
  • Codenames
  • Catan

As a game player, if you love the deal cards or roll dice, you will definitely love these board games. You can argue with that point – board game is nothing more special or new at standing on this golden age. The at-home game market is now more vibrant than ever. All of these board game is still now a ton of fun. So many new strategies to use when playing these board games.

Carcassonne a Strategic Tile Based Board Game

Carcassonne is a German Style board game. 2 to 5 players are allowed for the tiles board placement. Klaus-Jürgen Wrede is the designer & was published in 2000. This game was published in two languages. Hans Im Glück the German publisher, and Rio Grande Games with Z-Man Games, the English publisher.

Players need to draw & place the tiles with a perfect piece of the southern landscape. These tiles are shown as the city’s feature, road, cloister, Grassland, or the combination of others. Carcassonne has some remarkable enacts of previous fortifications you have ever seen. Comes with different types of fun than other board games. Cooperative play like the miniatures game.

Basic Strategies For Playing Carcassonne

Here the players should be more calculative & apply skilled strategy to place one of the meeples in any areas. The players need to think about – is it really worth to put this meeple there? “To expand this city are, do I need to use this?”, or “Should the tile place the opponent site instead of this place?” these all the questions raised in the mind of this Carcassonne board game players. To connect with obe city to another city, road to road, or another local area, you need to think these all.

Carcassonne a Strategic Tile Based Board Game

Though the players need to complete all the steps as first as possible, there is an option to place the meeple with the best possibilities. Players with the highest score go first. So it would help if you did not roll the big meeple, pig, builder, or other tiles. If you want to win in this Carcassonneb, then follow some tips –

  • Keep the cities smaller to get the farmers early & to collect a lot of points
  • Start with a good 7 meeple points like 3 long term goals, 3 short term goals, and 1 reverse for instant points.
  • Strand the piece to the opponent’s followers
  • Do not leave incomplete towns, monasteries, roads, or others.
  • Keep 1 follower to get a quick score like cities or short roads 4 points.
  • Try to participate in all games to get better scoring points.
  • Remember the number of points you need to move on.
  • How many points do you except this move?
  • The number of moves you left
  • Difficulties in completing this move
  • Build large area & must be completed
  • Maketh odds projects into couples.
  • Do not underestimate a little part like cities
  • Play differently, like when the other players are playing farm wars, focusing on cities.

Carcassonne a Strategic Tile Based Board Game, is also a Classic Game with the features of city, road, cloister, Fields. The first version of this game is a classic game. Where all ages of players can play together, no point counts; just place your tiles to set the Carcassonne.

Online Version

Carcassonne now has online gameplay with a 3D landscape and artificial intelligence. There are six expansions, rivers, traders, builders, winter edition, dragon expansions, princess all is available to purchase from the shop. Four differences challenge the opportunity to enjoy the game differently. Aerial top review to check out your strategy level. So you can compare this classic game with all additional tricks to a physical version. The players also have the chance to see other players’ professions.

Ticket to Ride Rules and Basic Strategy

Ticket to Ride is one of the adventure cross country game which alternative name is “Les Aventuriers du Rail.” The released year is 2004 and is Alan R. Moon, the designer of this game. The artists of this game are Cyrille Deaujean, Julien Delval, Cyrille Daejeon. This game has published by more than 13 publishers. Among them, Days of Wonder come first. Ticket to Ride the cross-country train game, which is the most popular game among all modern board games. Millions of times sold and internationally awarded in 2005. After that time, this board game also has won many accolades.

Winning Strategies of Ticket To Ride:

The cross country adventure game from Germany is available onboard games or online games. Day by day, this game is becoming more popular. To play this game & to break the previous score, the game has many tips & tricks. A significant amount of Luck is also involved in this gameplay. We want to disclose some basic strategies for Ticket To Ride.

  • Draw your train cards with additional destinations.
  • Make sure you can compile his big route in this 4 to 5 players game.
  • Skip the telegraphy to have a block free route.
  • Choose the critical route first
  • If it is possible, block the other players.
  • Follow your opponent players’ eyes to realize his next plan.
  • Make a 6 train link to get 15 points that don’t need the connection with any cities.
  • Don’t be afraid while drawing your destination.
  • 1 VS 1 player game can save your cards
  • Skip the same destination route playing.

Ticket To Ride Game Rules:

Ticket to Ride The United Kingdom railway & train based game. To enjoy railroad adventures, you need to know the game rules details. The journey was started in England in the 19 century.

Ticket to Ride game

According to the United Kingdom map, the game charged will be assumed that was first introduced in the origin of the Ticket to Ride game. Designed with 2 to 4 players to play and use the double route also. If you take the double router once, the other one will not be available any longer. Here are some basic rules of this Ticket to Ride –

  • With the Map of Pennsylvania, 2 to 5 players can play this game.
  • Train cards & the Tech Cards for the United kingdom.
  • The components of stock share cards for Pennsylvania
  • Each map needs to have different Tickets & maintain the Rules.
  • Play with the expansion. You need 35 trains instead of 45.
  • No need for the train cards for the original game.
  • In this game, you can play as a Locomotive with any of 4 cards.
  • With 3 or more Locomotive among free up cards, you can not discard them.
  • At the starting of this game, every player will have 5 destination tickets & need to keep at least 3 of them.
  • To link with the special routes, you can use the ferries for the adjacent cities.
  • With any technology card, you need to start your game.
  • You can not claim any Ferry routes.
  • Before taking your regular action, you need to discard any Locomotives to buy 1 Technology card.
  • WalesConcessionX4 to claim any route in the list of 5 cities in Wales.
  • Exceptionally you may need several Technology cards to claim the game route.

List of other Tickets of Ride Game –

  • Alvin & Dexter
  • Europe
  • First Journey
  • Nordic Countries
  • The Card Game
  • Original
  • Germany
  • London
  • New York


The best part of playing this Ticket to Ride Board game is to think flexibly. It would help if you adapted the idea of where the game goes on. What is the destination of others & what they are planning to do in the next step? So what the game is dealt with is an important part of winning this game. And the final thing is to enjoy a friendly game with friends or family.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is our Halloween Board Game Pick

Avalon Hill is a specialized company to create strategic board games. They have also published miniature games. Betrayal at House on the Hill is one of the Halloween Board games among all other hunted board games. Bruce Glassco is the designer of the Halloween game & was first published in 2004. However, the first edition was no longer for printing. The 2nd edition was released on 5 October 2010. Avalon Hill is the manufacturer and publisher of this game. Justine Mara Andersen has worked as an illustrator.

The Great Part of this Halloween Board Game

The game starts with the entry of a haunted house. What is filled with traps, dangers, items, omens & other horror activities? The next part is a mansion, room tiles, placing the game board with different game sessions. The haunted plot expands with the nature of playing games. The game story is something like that, one player will betray the other player & they will take the side of Ghost, enemies, monsters. The remaining player will collaboratively play to defeat the betrayed players.

Betrayal at House on the Hill GAME

The room of this game consists of the upper floor, basement, and ground. The six different characters, with the token representing various monsters or the players. There have two possible characters in a plate character. So you can play as the same token on your board. All characters have 4 attributes to track the game’s current position, the actual value to get closed to death. Every side has 0, 1, or 2 dice to pip the game. Players need cards to avoid the damages or loss or to gain bonus points.

If you want to enjoy this game with your siblings or a group of people, you can play with three to six people. Build your own haunted house from one room to another. The more you can design your house with haunted features, the more it will be thrilling. If you die in this game, the other players can go to your room & take the items you have dropped on the floor—Betrayal Legacy 13 to 60 minutes style variant sessions and end with 50 different scenarios.

Addictive Parts

The addiction part of this game is, you will never face a similar experience twice. The person who likes to dig the old hammer horror films of William Castle can catch the thematic goodness of this game. Punch with 80 cards, Rule book, Traitors Booklet, secret survival Booklet, Game dice, more than 100 tokens & 45 room tiles are the part of creating the player’s addiction.

Overall –

When playing this game, you can feel hard due to many short rules & instructions. But for the second time, it will be easy for you. Moving through the room is really very challenging for a player. The first time it might not be easy to play but not the second time. You will definitely be so much engaged with this Halloween game. As a fan of Betrayal at House on the Hill is our Halloween Board Game, I would love to recommend you try this game once. You will be a fan of the Betrayal Halloween game with the significance of investing your time.