Wheelie Bike

This is click-skill game that rewards good timing. You have to click or touch the screen and hold down just long enough to keep the bike in the air. Don’t hold too long or the bike will fall back. Just at the right moment let go until you start to fall down again. Just before your front wheel touches the ground again, click/touch the screen to wheelie again so that your bike stays in the air. Keep clicking, holding, releasing, then clicking again, and see how long you can keep your wheelie bike rider in the air.

Skate King

Awesome addictive skate scrolling game. The game really gets rolling when you start to jump on to the sloped platforms. Use the arrow keys or the on screen mobile controls to jump to each platform and keep your skater upright. See how far you can make it for the high score.
Play the next skate park game in our series, Wheelie Bike.

Bubble Shooter

A classic bubble game where you need to shoot all the bubbles before the fall down the screen. Try to eliminate all the bubbles by aiming carefully.

Winter Penguin

A fun snow filled game that puts us in the winter mode. Aim the penguin in the cannon, then launch him to collect fish before it lands in the portal. It’s got some great game physics and obstacle. There are plenty of levels to keep you busy for hours, and you can play on your mobile phone on the go.

Tetris 123

Classic Tetris-like game that involves mathematical thinking. Plan ahead and decide where the blocks can fit. Fill up a row and you will clear the line. Keep clearing the rows before the blocks reach the top or you will lose the game. This game will work on you mobile phone and tablet. You can play tetris and other Tetris-like games at Play-Tetris-Online.com.
Quick Instructions: Use arrow keys to flip and drop, or swipe the screen on your phone.


This game uses some simple multiplication math skills. Combine numbers that are alike, and then they will keep multiplying until you reach 2048. Eventually, you’ll run out of space if you don’t plan your moves, but sometimes it’s just impossible anyway. I’ve beat the game after playing it for five days on and off again.
Quick Instructions: Use arrow keys or swipe to move the number tiles.